Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Promote team morale, collaboration and inclusivity with a solution that powers peer-to-peer recognition across all levels of your organisation

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Create a culture of appreciation amongst your people

Bring your workforce closer together and empower your employees to show real-time recognition and instant gratification

Promote employee engagement

Create a platform for employees where no good deed goes unseen and give your people the power to freely express positivity

Reinforce corporate values

Encourage employees to recognise one another when they perform in ways that supports your company’s values

Strengthen workplace relationships

Empower employees to openly express their gratitude towards colleagues, celebrating achievements both big and small

Recognise achievements with monetary incentives & eWallet cash

Provide your employees with eWallet cash incentives when they meet or exceed a milestone or objective. This will give them the power of choice when it comes to rewards & benefits redemption, with the ability to scour the rewards marketplace for offers that appeal to them, redeeming with their preferred retailers at their own leisure.

  • Set a Nominations criteria

  • Create Award templates and themes

  • Celebrate winners on the company wide Newsfeed

Encourage real-time recognition and conversation through Hi-5’s

Make moments of recognition more meaningful with Hi-5’s and personalised greeting cards that can be sent from employee-to-employee, as a means of saying ‘thank you’, ‘happy birthday’ or ‘congratulations’.

  • Create your own Hi-5 templates

  • Personalise theme and messaging

  • Send and receive in real-time

Gamify the experience and enhance recognition moments with tokens & metrics

Tokens can be allocated to employees when they engage with relevant content, successfully complete training and development, or achieve workplace goals and milestones. Accrued Tokens can be shared employee-to-employee, to further enhance recognition moments and to add real value to every employee celebration.

  • No limit on Token transfers

  • No expiry on Token balances

  • Redemption in rewards marketplace and Perks catalogue


Benefits for your brand and your people

Set incentive rules

Incentivise individuals or teams for personal or group achievements

Access live data & analytics

Monitor employee performance via your very own admin dashboard

Retain high performers

Keep your high performing employees motivated with incentives for their hard work

Manage spending

Control department budgets with spending limits for employee incentives

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