Multi Vendor Marketplace

Multi Vendor Marketplace

Convert partnerships into instant ROI when you invite local businesses, sponsors and affiliates to provide exclusive offers to your community

Multi Vendor Marketplace | App screenshot

Create your own branded multi vendor marketplace with a single store-front and geo-targeting capability

EonX has developed a partner ecosystem that accelerates local sales, whilst fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and ROI on every transaction

Establish your own vendor network

Invite partners, sponsors and affiliated third parties to coexist under your brand

Introduce custom offers and deals

Create unique opportunities for your people to transact and redeem

Geo-target key customer segments

Use geo-targeting technology to reach customers in specific locations

Control your own dynamic offers in real-time

Manage your own offering within the community hub by leveraging dynamic formats that can be published in minutes. With no integrations required, any offers your business wishes to publish can be added to the platform from a self-use admin portal, giving you full control over what is made available to your user base. Be it offers from your business, or third party partners, offer creation is now made easy for you, and redemption is made easy for your customers.

  • Show and Save

  • Coupon Code

  • URL

Offer localisation & geo-targeting

Segment and localise your offering to provide your customers with a more relevant shopping experience. Using geo-location, your community hub can identify exactly where your customers are, and then flag available offers and participating merchants within close proximity.

  • Segment offers and advertising by location

  • Monetise partnerships and local opportunities

  • Drive traffic to recommended businesses and service providers

  • Create and publish offers from easy-to-use templates


Benefits for your brand and your people

Leverage existing relationships

Invite partners, sponsors and local businesses and any relevant third parties to feature within your network

Manage your own dynamic catalogue

Maintain full control over when offers are published to your marketplace and when they expire

Generate value for all stakeholders

Foster mutually beneficial partnerships and deliver ROI for purchases made within your marketplace

Custom templates for simple offer creation

Save time when you create offers from a range of ready-to-go offer templates

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