QR Connect & COVID-19

QR Connect & COVID-19

Maintain a culture of protection for your employees during times of uncertainty, disruption and change

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Employee solutions for the post-pandemic world

Ready your business to meet the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the post-pandemic, intensely digital, business environment

Support employees with wellbeing content & resources

Deliver personalised education and resources in one central ecosystem

Monitor employee activity with hot desk and meeting room reservations

Track employee movements together with facility and asset management

Better connect & engage remote workers

Keep employees connected to your business regardless of their location

Engaging a dispersed workforce

As employees continue to become geographically diverse and socially distant, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain an engaged and connected workplace. EonX’s suite of employee solutions have been designed to better connect businesses to their people, whilst unifying communications, team collaboration, recognition and rewards through one interconnected ecosystem.

  • Maintain social connectivity

    Keep employees up to date with a company Newsfeed and Live-chat functionality

  • Improve employee morale

    Show appreciation and recognition through custom Nominations, Awards and Hi-5s

  • Monitor & track performance

    Upload and share employee Training & Development modules, and reward progress and successful completion

  • Inspire & give back

    Make moments of recognition meaningful through the delivery of Rewards and Benefits

Hot-Desk & Tracing with QR Connect

Workforce separation & team rotation has become common work practice with the introduction of hard zoning as an additional measure to help minimise the risk and spread of COVID-19. Zoning must be dynamic and responsive to the changing needs of a business and its people, whilst monitoring and recording employee movement, facility and asset management. EonX’s QR Connect platform combines QR technology with data driven communication tools, including a web-based app, reporting dashboard and real-time alerting and monitoring to help businesses better plan, prevent and mitigate risk to their workforce.

  • Manage near real-time occupancy and social distancing

  • Track and verify that employees are adhering to COVID-19 protocols

  • Scan in and out of meeting/communal rooms

  • Optimise staffing and cleaning procedures

  • Keep employees, Property, HR and Risk informed

Prioritise employee wellbeing and nurture a culture of health

Promoting a healthy work-life balance has become a top priority for employers following the implications caused by COVID-19. Provide employees with practical, achievable and effective support through the delivery of personalised content and educational resources, whilst further instilling a healthier company culture through an offering that covers financial, physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Build a healthier, more engaged workforce

  • Reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism

  • Improve morale and satisfaction


Benefits for your brand and your people

Engage remote workers

Whether from home or the office, engage and connect your workforce through one platform

Track movement & activity

Monitor hot-desking, asset rotation and room management

Issue rewards & incentives

Incentivise your workforce for their healthy habits and make wellbeing a priority in the workplace

Provide content & resources

Provide employees with access to a range of on-demand wellbeing videos and articles

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