Gamification & Decisioning

Gamification & Decisioning

Harness the power of gamification to better engage and motivate your people

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Transform traditional business interactions into engaging and immersive experiences

Create game-like experiences to drive engagement with relevant content, communications & Next-Best-Actions

Set rules of game-play

Reward or penalise any action, knowledge, skill or progress based on your game’s rules

Track user performance

Closely monitor user activity with access to live insights and reporting

Issue rewards & incentives

Recognise your high achievers for their status or accomplishments

Gamification mechanics to suit your business needs

Gamification is the concept of applying gaming mechanics in non-gaming contexts, to motivate user participation, engagement and brand loyalty. It leverages their natural desires for engagement through socialising, learning, achieving status levels and belonging to a dynamic community. Your business can gamify any user experience with the implementation of strategic gaming mechanics designed to influence and sustain engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Rules

  • Levels

  • Tiers

  • Challenges

  • Leaderboards

Gamification dynamics that reward and emotionally connect

Gamification dynamics work in tandem with gamification mechanics as they are designed to emotionally connect and motivate users through rewards as they participate and achieve. EonX allows for a range of gamification dynamics to be implemented during a user's journey, including points, badges, tokens and rewards. Your business has the freedom to determine the most suitable dynamic for your game play scenarios, with the freedom to customise and update at any time.


Benefits to your brand and your people

Influence desired behaviours

Leverage gamification to motivate user participation, engagement and brand loyalty

Gamify regular business scenarios

Turn every-day interactions or transactions into engaging, gamified experiences

Personalise every experience

Provide a personalised journey for every user based on their interaction with your brand

Encourage healthy competition

Introduce levelling systems to show individual progress and leaderboards and inspire success

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