EonX CIO Nathan Sceberras’s journey from startup to success

Jun 11, 2022

EonX CIO Nathan Sceberras’s journey from startup to success

After serving as the CEO for In Transit Media, Nathan Sceberras has well earned his right to cement his current position at EonX. Nathan began his journey at EonX in 2014 as Product Director, before ascending to the Chief Information Officer role in 2019.
In a recent interview, Nathan shared his thoughts and insights into the rapidly changing LifeTech industry.

Q: How would you describe the current state of the loyalty and financial services industries?

_There is a lot of growth in the industry and it’s a very exciting time to be involved. With new technologies being developed on a daily basis, finding new ways to address old problems has become more appealing to many businesses. This allows businesses to solve problems that could not be solved in the past._

Q: How has EonX evolved over the years?

_Our initial start in loyalty was founded in an industry that had not evolved in many years. There are a number of organisations in the industry, but none have the core technical foundation like EonX. This allowed us to expand our offering into payment and digital wallet technologies. In turn, it has opened up a number of opportunities that have been tailored to our unique skills and offerings._

Q: What’s been your biggest achievement to date at EonX?

_There are so many big achievements that are noteworthy in my EonX journey, from landing a number of large client accounts, to helping list the business on the Canadian Stock Exchange._
_One of the most rewarding has been the Pay By Account by Mastercard solution, from winning the RFP through to the design process and the imminent release of the product. This has really shaped the future direction of EonX._

Q: Where do you see EonX and the LifeTech industry in the next 5-10 years?

_We are at a very pivotal point in the EonX journey with a number of initiatives that are set to shape the future of EonX, from Bill Pay and digital wallet technologies through to Payment solutions, such as Pay By Account._
_The next 5-10 years will see a convergence of all of these technologies into what we call LifeTech. These solutions will allow businesses to create a more engaging user experience as our products evolve._

Q: Who inspires you the most and why?

_Two people have really inspired me for varying reasons._
_The first is Steve Jobs with his relentless endeavour for perfection. He was able to continue work on his products and make them better._
_The second is Elon Musk for his ability to change a whole industry with his determination and constant ambition to achieve his goals._
To get in touch with Nathan or to learn more about EonX’s full suite of LifeTech solutions, simply email info@eonx.com.

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